Sonya Luz Hinton Costanza has been practicing yoga and mindfulness since her late teens, and began teaching yoga in 1996. She specializes in Yoga for Back Care and Scoliosis as well as Four Seasons Yoga, which combines deep, fluid breath and movement with precise alignment. Her studies with the Sage Institute have deepened her understanding of Buddhist philosophy, fortified her personal practice, and provided practical skills to share these life-enhancing tools with others. Sonya continues this journey with gratitude tall of the teachers
who guide the way.



Hannah Rappaport came to Sage Institute from a 25 year Western Gnostic and Hermetic mystical initiatory tradition. She was looking for a way to teach a non-mythic, non-symbolic way of accessing internal states of consciousness. She is a spiritual counselor, certified meditation teacher, and works with hospice patients and in various care-giving capacities. She can be reached at or by phone at 575-613-3841. She is bi-local between Taos, NM and California and can work with students by phone or Skype.





Jessica Gaddis is continually on the search for light and laughter. Based in the Hudson Valley, she is an artist and finds that sitting meditation parallels her studio practice. Both sitting and making involve process. Sitting makes her a better artist. Learning that she is not her thoughts is like rearranging form and color in unconventional ways. Rather than reliving a past encounter or future worry in her head while in line for a coffee, she delights in the way light can reflect as a soft blue off a table. Sitting and making art are both about noticing – being with the world as it is.