Here’s just a few of the responses to our first 28 Day Meditation Challenge:


“I feel like the challenge really motivated me to sit every day – just the emails alone were a great reminder: ‘don’t forget to sit today!’ even if I didn’t use the guided audio.”

“Thank you for guiding me along through this challenge. It exceeded my already high expectations and I’m motivated to move forward.”

“The challenge has motivated me to continue meditation with this group. I feel we have ‘bonded’ although so many of us have never even met! The Spirit must be moving among us…I am most pleased with not being alone in this activity. The power it contains is electric (almost)!”

“I had an amazing experience. I’ve seen results in my personal interactions with people. Reacting in a less reactionary way. I’ve seen focus and productivity increase when making my art. Thanks for a great 28 days.”

“The sense of obligation is helpful for me to get into a routine. I check my email daily, and the daily reminder in my email to meditate was the most engaging aspect. Yes, I am more motivated to continue because of the support that has brought me to the place I am now. It would have been hard to achieve this on my own.”

“I already had a practice, but I believe this helped me get clearer/deeper/a better understanding of mindfulness meditation.”

“I loved the audio. I don’t do a lot of guided meditation. I usually sit on my own. Also, the structure of the course was great… body scan to more formal sitting. The language of all the teachers was inspiring and supportive. Tone and rhythm of your voices, also wonderful. Thank you!”

“I looked forward to the meditation each day and have continued since it stopped. I really noticed how much it helped me deal with stress and feel more at peace. I’ve stopped trying to control things quite so much in my life! I will be continuing.”

“I’m happy I was able to sit all 28 days. At the beginning it seemed out of reach but as the month progressed it became easier to sit. I will continue with daily meditation practice after the challenge.”