Sean Murphy MFA, SAGE Institute President and Co-founder
Zen practitioner, Hemingway Award-winning novelist and author of the American Zen chronicle One Bird, One

Mirabai Starr M.A., SAGE Institute Vice-President and Co-founder
Critically acclaimed author and translator of the Spanish mystics (Dark Night of the Soul: St John of the Cross; Teresa of Avila: The Book Of My Life), who teaches internationally on grief & transformation.

Dora E. McQuaid M.A., Multi-award-winning poet, activist, speaker and teacher whose unique blend of art and emotion embodies the intersections between arts and activism, service and empowerment. Dora performs internationally, works collaboratively with artists and publishes widely. She is the author of the groundbreaking collection of poems, the scorched earth

Hannah Rappaport
Author and Sage Institute mindfulness instructor.