Sage Institute for Creativity, Consciousness & Environment (formerly the Creativity & Consciousness Institute) was founded in 2008 in Taos, New Mexico.

Sage Institute is dedicated to education in the areas of creative expression, environment, and human consciousness. Our areas of concern range from creative arts and literature to contemplative, meditative, and mindfulness practices, as well as the sciences, social sciences, and environmental/ecological preservation.

We believe that creative study and investigation in the realm of human consciousness, as well as creative thinking, problem-solving, and action, provide the best hope for dealing with the many crises currently besetting human society and the earth. We are committed to a multicultural approach incorporating indigenous and traditional wisdom traditions as well as research in science, environment, and human consciousness. We offer courses in Sacred Activism, Meditation, Yoga, Creative Writing and the Arts, and others.

Mission: to bring awareness of meditation, its practice and benefits, to the public at large by:

Teaching: training secular meditation teachers

Acting as a resource

Reporting news, advancements, celebrities, events, etc.

Promoting new advances in brain research and meditation practices