200-Hour Meditation Leader Training Program


This program is designed to teach and certify experienced practitioners to teach meditation to others.  While Sage Institute introduces students to the prevailing meditative forms such as Zen, Vipassanna, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), the 200-hour Meditation Leadership Certification Program has developed its own inclusive, secular approach to teaching contemplative practice.  Sage Institute’s meditation training is a comprehensive, multilevel program designed similarly to established yoga teacher training programs.  In this three-tier approach, students can take modules of 40 or 80 hours, building toward the 200-hour training.  The program can be taken all at once in our summer intensive or in segments over the year as courses are offered.



Three Levels of Training

SAGE offers three levels of training toward Meditation Leadership, and for anyone simply wishing to deepen their personal practice:

Committed Practitioner Level 1: 40 Hours

Students learn introductory meditation and mindfulness techniques. Practices include sitting meditation, breathing, and usable mindful body awareness techniques such as basic Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong, and walking meditation. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and guided meditation techniques are introduced, as well as compassion-based practices such as loving kindness and Metta. In addition, the course explores free writing and journaling for spiritual development and how to establish a sustainable meditation practice.

Fee: $490

Committed Practitioner Level 2: 80 Hours

In Level 2 trainees bridge Level 1 with Vipassana meditation and Zen meditation techniques as well as further mindful body awareness practices. This course provides additional meditation instruction guidance, breathing and posture, and creative approaches to practice. Also included is a deeper look into cultivation of listening skills, sensitivity toward self and others, and techniques for dealing with loss.

Fee: $980 ($480 for those who have completed Level 1)

Meditation Leader Training Level 3: 200 Hours

For completion of the Certification Program, trainees will learn advanced meditation techniques for instructors and will receive supervised teaching experience. Trainees will be able to identify and demonstrate a variety of meditation and basic body awareness techniques for their students. Training will include how to design and facilitate a meditation class, incorporating verbal cueing and physical guidance. This final course will also dive into being present to emotion and loss as well as ethical conduct in teaching.

Fee: $2450 ($1470 for those who have completed Level 2)

Curriculum details coming soon.